Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teachers Fired, Bilingual Education Stays

Re-spinning this masterturd of idiocy:

The Dallas, Texas, school district laid off hundreds of teachers Thursday to avoid a projected $84 million deficit.

The district laid off 375 teachers and 40 counselors and assistant principals Thursday, and transferred 460 teachers to other schools within the district.

The district estimates that the job cuts and unfilled vacancies will save $30 million. An additional $38 million will be saved by cutting various programs throughout the district.

"The children are going to suffer," Karina Colon, a prekindergarten bilingual teacher at San Jacinto Elementary, told The Dallas Morning News.

Colon kept her job, but was crying for her colleagues. "I should feel happy," she said.

So we're cutting from the top instead of paring out the truly useless programs. Smart. Very smart.

Good Liberal Nutcases Offended by Common Sense

Today's liberal denial of science and common sense comes to you from that heartland of armchair bloviation, Europe:

Daniel James, 23, from Sinton Green in western England was paralyzed from the chest down in March 2007 when a rugby scrum collapsed on top of him during match practice.

James died on September 12 after he "traveled to Switzerland with a view to ending his own life. He was admitted to a clinic where he died."

James' parents Julie and Mark said that he had attempted to kill himself several times already.

"His death was an extremely sad loss for his family, friends and all those that care for him but no doubt a welcome relief from the 'prison' he felt his body had become and the day-to-day fear and loathing of his living existence, as a result of which he took his own life.

James' parents added that their son, "an intelligent young man of sound mind," had never come to terms with his condition and was "not prepared to live what he felt was a second-class existence".


Both the left and the right deny science, and with it, common sense.

If we have free choice, we should be able to choose death, or even denial of free choice. This is a paradox our liberal society can't get its mind around: you can vote for more freedoms, but you can't vote to end democracy. You can choose any blown-out lifestyle you want, but you cannot choose to die.

This guy clearly knew what he wanted and as an athletic, active person found being "handicapped" a big issue. In fact, he cut to the core of this issue: we can call them handi-capable and pretend it's not a big deal, but if you're in a wheelchair, it's still going to define your life, no matter how many "uplifting" television specials about Helen Keller you watch. You may fight back, and that's honorable, but so is making an early exit because you don't want to live that way.

Of course, our nanny state society is horrified by this, because they in fear of death and mayhem make peace and survival goals above all else, apparently even above basic logical analysis.

Free Classical Music MP3s

I'm blogging over at CORRUPT today, and the topic was free classical music mp3s you can find online legally and without hassle. Why? Because the music industry is a scam. Because rock music will bore you past your second year of guitar practice. Because paying $15 for a CD that you listen to for a month means the yearly cost of that CD or its analogues is at least $180, and that's money you can use for something productive instead of giving it to a greedy, spoiled industry. And, because classical music kicks ass, if you listen to the good stuff instead of the moronic trend-fodder.

Our requirements were that downloads be legal and free; although it's illegal, many people every day download free classical music from file sharing services, and it seems to me that with classical a higher proportion of them buy the CDs later.

You pay $15 for a CD that you listen to for two weeks, then buy another. I see this pattern again and again in every genre. You want more, so you buy more, and ten years from now you'll see you have a stack of CDs you don't really care about. They were fun for a while, but they brought nothing important to your life. The reason you want more is that each time you get one, you hope for enlightenment, but it is unsatisfying. Imagine that.

You got scammed.

You can retaliate -- listen to authentic folk and classical music. Even better, you can get it for free and legally. Our beloved, chaotic, horseporn-ridden internet offers you free classical music mp3s from the following sources...

Click here to see the list of sources where you can download free classical music:

Free Classical Music MP3s

Berkeley Breathed on Cultural Fragmentation

In most aspects, there's no arc to the human story. Only a line heading upward. For nearly everything. In this case, the coarsening of the National Discourse. We aren't returning someday to any sort of golden era of political civility. The line heads heavenward and has been since the Republic started.
There'll always be great, classic cartooning. There'll also be radio. Concept rock albums. Theatrical movie dramas for intelligent adults. Little kids riding bicycles down a neighborhood street without a grown-up. Family dinner hours. Eleven-year-old girls who dress like children. Instant coffee. Buggy whips.

They'll just be much harder to find.


Although he's clearly a dramatic, dysfunctional narcissist, and he hasn't managed "funny" for almost two decades, Berke Breathed really puts his finger on an American problem: our great process of liberalization, or breaking into many different competing individualistic viewpoints, has alienated us rather than bringing us together.

Even more, there's no stopping point -- this process will continue until our dissolution. Breathed isn't quite together enough to see how this correlates to his own political views, in that an endless search for greater inclusivity and a free lunch leads to a loss of any kind of consensus as to behavioral or political standards, but he makes a good point: the parts of life that are most satisfying are become rare and clandestine.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Conservatives: Homosexuality is Not a "Choice" (But Restrained Sexuality Is)

The brains of gay men and women look like those found in heterosexual people of the opposite sex, research suggests.

The Swedish study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, compared the size of the brain's halves in 90 adults.

Gay men and heterosexual women had halves of a similar size, while the right side was bigger in lesbian women and heterosexual men.

A UK scientist said this was evidence sexual orientation was set in the womb.


One of the ongoing themes of this blog is science versus symbolism. Some people like to believe in a symbolic order to reality; others like to impose a symbolic order on science. Those are the delusional anti-science trends among Conservatives and Liberals, respectively.

As the evidence cited above suggests, homosexuality is innate. There is an exception, but we have to wonder how many homosexuals fit this exception, and how many more are "biological homosexuals" as described above.

The exception, of course, is molestation; anecdotal evidence suggests that molestation at a young age "imprints" the individual to practice a similar sexual activity in their adult life, as if trying to recapitulate the events that traumatized them. This seems consistent with behavior in the face of other traumas.

In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls.


So we have two groups:

(a) Biological homosexuals, who are born gay;
(b) Molestation victims who "act out" same gender sexual activity.

In the former case, there is zero choice about sexual orientation. They are literally wired to be a third sex. Their only choice is one conservatives should champion: responsible, healthy sexual behavior that does not manifest itself in public lewdness. Since homosexuality does not imply family orientation, a live and let live policy makes sense; those who are family-oriented can argue for the ability to normalize their children to heterosexual behavior, barring a child manifestating innate homosexuality. In turn, it is not unfair to ask gays in a conservative community to behave with decorum.

In the latter case, we face a troubling moral issue. They have a choice, or at least a partial one, but it's unlikely molested children will reach a self-actualized state regarding their molestation for many years. Morality becomes useless; the issue then becomes treatment for those who can be treated, and incarceration for those who will become lifelong pedophiles.

Mainstream conservatism has wrecked its public reputation by taking unscientific positions (as has liberalism, but that's another article). It makes more sense for conservatives to accept what science offers, and respond with a choice that conserves traditional values, than to try to force people to change their biology or live double lives.

All of us have only one real choice in life, and that's to accept reality, no matter what our emotions or desires tell us.

On the Importance of IQ

4. The spread of people along the IQ continuum, from low to high, can be represented well by the bell curve (in statistical jargon, the "normal curve"). Most people cluster around the average (IQ 100). Few are either very bright or very dull: About 3% of Americans score above IQ 130 (often considered the threshold for "giftedness"), with about the same percentage below IQ 70 (IQ 70-75 often being considered the threshold for mental retardation).

5. Intelligence tests are not culturally biased against American blacks or other native-born, English-speaking peoples in the U.S. Rather, IQ scores predict equally accurately for all such Americans, regardless of race and social class. Individuals who do not understand English well can be given either a nonverbal test or one in their native language.
7. Members of all racial-ethnic groups can be found at every IQ level. The bell curves of different groups overlap considerably, but groups often differ in where their members tend to cluster along the IQ line. The bell curves for some groups (Jews and East Asians) are centered somewhat higher than for whites in general. Other groups (blacks and Hispanics) are centered somewhat lower than non-Hispanic whites.

8. The bell curve for whites is centered roughly around IQ 100; the bell curve for American blacks roughly around 85; and those for different subgroups of Hispanics roughly midway between those for whites and blacks. The evidence is less definitive for exactly where above IQ 100 the bell curves for Jews and Asians are centered.
9. IQ is strongly related, probably more so than any other single measurable human trait, to many important educational, occupational, economic, and social outcomes. Its relation to the welfare and performance of individuals is very strong in some arenas in life (education, military training), moderate but robust in others (social competence), and modest but consistent in others (law-abidingness). Whatever IQ tests measure, it is of great practical and social importance.

10. A high IQ is an advantage in life because virtually all activities require some reasoning and decision-making. Conversely, a low IQ is often a disadvantage, especially in disorganized environments. Of course, a high IQ no more guarantees success than a low IQ guarantees failure in life. There are many exceptions, but the odds for success in our society greatly favor individuals with higher IQs.

11. The practical advantages of having a higher IQ increase as life settings become more complex (novel, ambiguous, changing, unpredictable, or multifaceted). For example, a high IQ is generally necessary to perform well in highly complex or fluid jobs (the professions, management): it is a considerable advantage in moderately complex jobs (crafts, clerical and police work); but it provides less advantage in settings that require only routine decision making or simple problem solving (unskilled work).

Wall Street Journal, Dec. 13, 1994, p A18 (link to the original $)

This statement, signed by 52 professors--all experts in intelligence and allied fields, shows us why IQ is important and why the race/inequity debate is both politically incorrect and never going to find a solution.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In a Dying Society, People Turn To Drink... Especially The Young

The Daily Mail has a hilarious expose of alcohol related behaviors among British youth:

Then there was the teenage boy who, drunk on beer and vodka, had slapped a traffic warden twice round the face. After he was arrested, he spat in a policeman's face, shouting: 'You were raped by your father and you loved it.'
'I thought I looked grown-up and would drink as much as possible - sometimes even passing out. I never questioned what I was doing and my mum didn't know because I would say I was staying at a friend's house.

'I saved my dinner money and spent it on booze. It was never hard to get our hands on alcohol. But now I have no short-term memory and doctors warn me that if I drink any more, I will die.'

Hold my head while I laugh. But the article hints at a more serious problem: "the number of teenagers being admitted for treatment for specifically alcohol-related problems has increased by more than 50 per cent in the past six years." That in itself means little, except that those who seek treatment are a small percentage of those engaging in the behavior.

Think about what you've read in literature about dying nations. Drink to forget. The young run wild, yet are hollow inside. The old act by rote, having forgotten the reasons why. Everyone is trying to forget. Forget what? The elephant in the room... your society is collapsing from within, lol.

Paramedic Buckley adds: 'We have to treat so many young girls who are completely out of control. It's worrying when you see them staggering around or sitting on the floor amid rubbish, vomit and urine. When they're in that kind of state, anything can happen to them.'

Daily Mail

Arranged Marriages: Not Evil After All?

Seth, now 32, is happily married with a two-year-old son, and has become an advocate of the principles of arranged marriage, which she suggests her own experience reflects. This does not mean that she supports the kind of marriage in which the parties are left without choice about whom they marry. Rather she believes that common backgrounds and shared values - which underpin the Asian tradition of arranged marriage - are more likely to lead to an enduring relationship than the chance meeting promoted so enticingly by Hollywood and a culture that clings to the notion of spontaneous romantic love.

What Seth argues in her book, First Comes Marriage, is that if you build the components of a marriage with care, love will grow. She cites her own parents, whose marriage was arranged in India and who have been together for 33 years, and she has developed her case by talking to more than 300 women whose marriages were arranged. According to Seth, the divorce rate for such unions is between 5 and 7 per cent (compared with a 40 per cent failure rate in the UK) and a 2005 study showed that over time couples in arranged marriages report high levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Times UK

It makes sense: have wise elders pick someone who is compatible, and learn to love them later.

It's heresy to suggest anything decreasing individual autonomy in the West, such as that love isn't a mystical process. It's a strong friendship, with respect and sexual attraction.

So we flog on with miserable marriages, multiple divorces, and having to get used to our partners screaming out the wrong name during orgasm. A society of sluts, we take that same sexual insincerity and apply it to everything else. And we justify it in the name of sex being fun, etc.

It makes more sense to look at what works.

Even Nazis Get It: Without Israel, Jews Have No Place and Anti-Semitism Continues

[T]he NSDAP's mania for destroying the Jewish population arose from a mis-interpretation of their own beliefs. For Europeans, Jewish-style materialistic philosophy is the exact opposite of the kind of transcendental idealism that has characterized European belief systems for as far into the past as history can see.

The most important unmentioned concept here however is context. In the context of Germany, Judaic thought is out of place. In the context of Israel, Germanic thought is. Each culture needs its own space, and its own beliefs, and to mix them is to cause what people now call "racism" and "anti-Semitism." Multiculturalism, a form of pluralism, creates the antagonisms we know as prejudice.

Theodor Herzl, the famous Zionist, knew this. He wrote:

"The Jewish question persists wherever Jews live in appreciable numbers. Wherever it does not exist, it is brought in together with Jewish immigrants. We are naturally drawn into those places where we are not persecuted, and our appearance there gives rise to persecution. This is the case, and will inevitably be so, everywhere, even in highly civilised countries—see, for instance, France—so long as the Jewish question is not solved on the political level. The unfortunate Jews are now carrying the seeds of anti-Semitism into England; they have already introduced it into America."

His point was that since each nation has a nationality, introduction of a "nationless" group, for example Jews, will cause resentment and bring about the kind of prejudice that has marked anti-Jewish activity in every host nation they have had. Herzl saw the situation as a relatively blameless one; Jews were wandering in the diaspora, looking for a place to live, but because the inhabitants of those places wanted to preserve their own national culture, they fought back with bigotry.


Right or left, we as Americans are blind to the reason for Israel because we don't understand nationalism. We don't have a national identity. We are surrounded by two countries that don't have national identity, Canada and Mexico. Canada is mixed European (mostly) like the US; Mexico has Spanish castes and indios, or Amerindian, castes.

In America, we are driven by a mania for multiculturalism -- which is how you prove you're a nice guy, because you want equality which will keep the peace and end conflict, which is supposed to be "good" evil though it entails fatal levels of compromise -- so we can't imagine deliberately setting ourselves apart and saying, "I am Jewish."

But we're new hands to this game. Jews have been beat up, pogromized, tortured, gassed, etc. for nearly 3,000 years, most of which have been spent in the diaspora or period of nationless, landless wandering. Yet they've kept it together and preserved their ethnicity, culture, language and customs during this time.

(Raises beer glass) To the Jews! To Israel!

Liberals are Chaos, Conservatives are Order

Researchers insist they can tell someone's politlcal affiliation by looking at the condition of their offices and bedrooms. Messy? You're a lefty. A neatnik? Welcome to the Right.

These room cues are "behavioral residue," says Gosling, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. The idea is that distinct cognitive inclinations of liberals towards ambiguity and intellectualism, and conservatives toward order, "drive the way one leads one's life and displays one's life in their living and work spaces," says Gosling's co-author Dana Carney, an assistant professor of management at Columbia University's Business School in New York City.

Those cognitive styles turn up in a personality test called the Big Five, which assesses people for openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism; only the first two have been strongly linked to political tendencies, says New York University (N.Y.U.) social psychologist John Jost, another author on the study.

"It's pleasurable for liberals to think more. They gravitate toward art, to things that are not as concrete," says Carney. "Conservatives have a need for order, for there not to be ambiguity. There you see that expressed by being more orderly, having more cleaning supplies, needing to have everything lined up and organized so that one feels one's environment is predictable and therefore safe."

Scientific American

This study simplifies its results. First, stick with the opening paragraph: liberals have messy lives and offices, conservatives value order first. These are small-case "liberal" and "conservative" definitions here.

There is no scientific correlation between "mess" and "thinking more." Like the drama department and creative writing departments in your high school, those who claim to "think more" may not be thinking at all, but churning out iterations and recombinations of trendy ideas. Is that "thinking"?

The basic outlook of conservatives is that order and principle should dominate over the chaotic animal; the basic outlook of liberals is that the individual should do whatever he or she wants, and consequences can be managed with political control.

For the record, I think this study is basically accurate but shouldn't be interpreted in reverse (this person's office is messy, therefore they are a liberal) because some of the most fanatical conservatives I know have messy offices, and my favorite liberal has a clean office with cleaning supplies (and a can of pepper spray).

The New Flat Earth: Equality Is Magical

Referring to columnist Thomas L. Friedman’s contention that a globalized society flattens economic and cultural differences, Fink said: “Parents are very aware that their children will be living in a flat world. So the more experiences they have with children who are different than them, the better.”


Just like when people thought the earth was flat, modern people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea that humanity is not flat. Some are taller. Some are smarter. Some are more beautiful. Evolution occurs in both linear, or some-better-than-others, and parallel, motions.

It's the new ignorance to pretend equality -- which in scientific terms we might call entropy or heat death, because it gives any particular zero incentive to act on others, as all options end in the same outcome -- is somehow a great magical good that will make things better.

Globalism won't make anything better; it will destroy what uniqueness exists, and replace it with a global mall and a grey cultureless race of people who get their values from television advertising. People like Friedman make their living by writing what the credulous masses want to hear, and what is convenient for their corporate overlords.

It shows, doesn't it? The New Flat Earthers are here to argue that we're all the same, therefore the peace will be kept, and therefore those of us who argue fanatically -- in denial of all reality -- in favor of a Flat Earth are the new geniuses. It's like a big self-congratulatory trend by those who don't like reality and want to obscure it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Half to three-quarters of major Antarctic penguin colonies — including the iconic Emperor Penguin, which was made famous by the blockbuster hit March of the Penguins — will likely experience significant decline or disappearance as a result of climate change, according to a new report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


Let's put that in numbers, so you see it more clearly: out of the four penguins around you, 2 or 3 of them will be gone or sickly within the next two years.

That may leave them below the reproductive threshold, at which point they cannot exist as a species. They will die out, potentially.

If that happened to a human group (at least one we see as an underdog) we would call it genocide. Why don't we do that for the animals?

We are potentially about to lose these penguin species forever. Is anyone paying attention?

No, they're worried about human problems, specifically those that make them feel better to worry about because they're both not the elephant in the room, and make them feel like heroes for helping the underdog:

Debate has been raging in Norway after a series of recent incidents viewed as both anti-foreign and racist.

Police were summoned to the new asylum center at Dønski in Bærum, set to open next Friday. Its exterior walls had been smeared with threats against both officials of the immigration agency UDI and prospective residents of the center.

The threats implied an acute fear of foreigners (called fremmed frykt in Norwegian), and included sayings like "Keep Norway pure" and "UDI pigs, be careful."


By all means, let's force foreigners on Norwegians and adulterate Norwegians into a grey cultureless heritageless equal mass just like America, because that sounds "fair" to us.

Norway for the Norwegians. And the penguins?

Entertainment Industry Encourages Liberalism, Just Like Madison Avenue

During this election season theatergoers in New York can see a dozen or so overtly political plays, about Iraq, Washington corruption, feminism or immigration; what they won’t see are any with a conservative perspective.

If you think the one-sidedness is a result of the city’s generous supply of liberals, then look west of the Alleghenies, where, from Pittsburgh to Des Moines, on down to Austin, Tex., and all the way back up to Ashland, Ore., the absence is just as noticeable. Artistic directors of regional theaters and playwriting programs throughout the country are quick to point out that most American plays avoid politics altogether or cannot be easily categorized.

Nonetheless, many have been struck by the lack of plays that, for instance, question multiculturalism, gay marriage and abortion rights, or champion an unfettered free market, a strong military and barriers to immigration. The problem, they say, is not that authors with those ideas cannot get their plays produced, but rather that they cannot be found.

Art Borreca, who has been the head of the Playwrights Workshop in Iowa since 1997, said he reads at least 100 new plays a year by students and applicants and had come across only one that had what could be considered a conservative viewpoint — and that was written by a liberal professor who thought his skepticism of multicultural courses was being unfairly characterized.

André Bishop, artistic director of Lincoln Center Theater for 16 years, said he reads about five plays a week, and from thousands over the years he could not think of a single one that would fall on the right end of the spectrum. “I’m trying to think if I ever read a play that I would call conservative,” he said, pausing a few moments. “I don’t think I’ve come across one.”


Stop, let's roll that back. Instead of conservative plays, how about this: have you seen any with any perspective other than liberal?

You haven't, of course, nor have you seen a Hollywood movie with that kind of perspective, nor will you see an advertisement with an un-liberal view. What does this mean?

(a) Our entertainment leaders are repeating known dogmas.
(b) They have no idea if these dogmas work in reality.
(c) They find it easier to sell their entertainment product this way.
(d) They are protected because we consider it art.
(e) People who are desperate and look to entertainment for answers receive an unbalanced view.

Why is it that hippies, radical black activists, corporate marketers, entertainment leaders and opinion workers all agree, yet the people who keep this country running by doing the boring jobs it needs, from carpenter to tax accountant to network administrator, are more likely to be not conservative but anti-liberal?

Liberalism is not reality. Neither is entertainment. I wonder if the electorate will discover that before it's too late and they turn this country into a third world shadow of its former self.

Bone Marrow is Racist

Jimmy Loon is a marrow expert for One Lambda, the nation’s largest supplier of bone marrow testing kits. He says the goal is to find someone with matching human leukocyte antigens located on chromosome six.

This is called a haplo-type and it’s made up of alleles inherited from each parent.

Of the seven million people in the National Marrow Donor Program only 180,000 have multi-racial backgrounds.

“The larger the donor pool the better chance for finding a match,” said Jimmy Loon.


Wait, I thought race was a social construct?

Here it's clearly biological.

This article shows us that multi-racial patients need bone marrow from multi-racial donors because different races have different antigens, and when you mix races, you create a unique group of antigens needed. So then you need another member of this new mixed race to donate, and only about a quarter of patients are able to find a match.

Why is it that interpretations of science are clearly divided -- those who are biological determinists tend to be old-school conservative, or realists, while those who are either liberal or Christian fundamentalist demand we deny biology for symbolic convenience?

Race -- a concept used without definition in media, politics and daily conversation -- is misunderstood to be skin color and national identity, not a branching of evolution's process, which is both parallel and linear.

It's as if humanity is running in fear from science.

Tell Me What It's Like to Be Dead

And yet people in every culture believe in an afterlife of some kind or, at the very least, are unsure about what happens to the mind at death. My psychological research has led me to believe that these irrational beliefs, rather than resulting from religion or serving to protect us from the terror of inexistence, are an inevitable by-product of self-consciousness. Because we have never experienced a lack of consciousness, we cannot imagine what it will feel like to be dead. In fact, it won’t feel like anything—and therein lies the problem.

In a 2007 article published in the journal Synthese, University of Arizona philosopher Shaun Nichols puts it this way: “When I try to imagine my own non-existence I have to imagine that I perceive or know about my non-existence. No wonder there’s an obstacle!”

Scientific American

Relativity in a nutshell: we know the world as a representation filtered through ourselves. When ourselves are gone, we become what we were before birth -- chaos, or if we're lucky our consciousness reverts to whatever facility bestowed it. More for the Arthur Schopenhauer fans out there to delight in playing with.

Adam Carolla on Mexicans in Los Angeles

"Eventually [Los Angeles] is going to become Mexico, and you're just going to be talking to a bunch of peasants about nothing."
"Remember: there's a reason why they're fleeing Mexico, so to recreate that world here is not a great long-term plan. What would be nice is if Mexico was trying to recreate what we have here, not the other way around."

From Adam Carolla's radio show a few years ago.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CORRUPT newsletter October 14, 2008

== New Publications ==

"They are cosmopolitan materialists living lives devoid of meaning beyond their next physical gratification: a new pair of shoes, another martini, or their next sexual companion."

"What this paper does demonstrate is that concentrating power in the hands of a single individual clearly does have benefits, and suggests that we may have developed genetic and/or cultural inclinations to organize ourselves in ways which take advantage of them"

"Kurtz is dangerous because he is both an honest reflection of the exploitation of the region, and someone who dares to break free from the materialism and alarm his brethren: civilization has become its own disease."

== Corrupt News ==

"We thought the baby boomers would kill welfare, but we neglected our pre-existing health problems and the amazing tax costs they will bring with them."

"The West is dying, not from global warming, terrorism or bird flues, but from internal dissolution."

"We're living in a culture that is telling girls you can't do math — that's telling everybody that only Asians and nerds do math."

"What's happened now is that we want to continue spending, but find out that we can't afford it, and the things we want to sell quickly drop in value."

"Civilizations in decay love symbolic actions, because these allow a token gesture and then business as usual."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Corrupt, Inc. is a civilization watchdog built on the premise that when humans form a mental image of the world that does not correspond to reality, they become corrupt and destroy themselves."


The New Scopes Trial: Denial of Biology

Most people still think of human-science controversies in terms of nature/nurture. As a matter of real scientific dispute, that is all long gone. Nature/nurture arguments were at the heart of the sociobiology wars that roiled the human sciences through the last third of the 20th century. (The 2000 book Defenders of Truth, by the Finnish sociologist of science Ullica Segerstråle gives a full — and so far as I can judge, very fair — account.) The dust of battle has pretty much settled now, in science departments if not in the popular press, and nature is the clear victor. Name any universal characteristic of human nature, including cognitive and personality characteristics. Of all the observed variation in that characteristic, about half is caused by genetic differences. You may say that is only a half victory; but it is a complete shattering of the nurturist absolutism that ruled in the human sciences 40 years ago, and that is still the approved
dogma in polite society, including polite political society, today.

While those sociobiology wars were going on — while E.O. Wilson was having a jug of ice water dumped over his head at an AAAS symposium by people shouting “Racist Wilson you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!” (1978); while Art Jensen looked set fair to be kicked out of the AAAS altogether following agitation by Margaret Mead et al. because of his 1969 paper on group differences in I.Q.; while Stephen Jay Gould was assuring his readers that “Human equality is a contingent fact of history” (1985) and Richard Lewontin was celebrating “the funeral of reductionism” (1983); while Charles Murray was being profiled in the New York Times Magazine as “America’s most dangerous conservative” (1994) — while all that was happening, research results were steadily trickling in, building up the water pressure behind the nurturist dam.

The Democrats do not want the genetic discoveries to lead to widespread knowledge about the truth about human differences. The Democrats are really more anti-Darwinian than the fundamentalist Christians who deny the origin of species.

National Review

He's telling half the story here.

Science is under assault from two directions:

(a) Liberals denying biological determinism. They hate the idea that intelligence is inherited, that the more intelligent succeed more in society or without it, and that there are measurable differences in biology between ethnic groups, social classes, genders and sexual orientations, etc.

(b) Christians, usually conservative, denying evolution and abortion. They want to impose traditional morality through abortion, since they feel defeated in every other way on this issue, and they don't trust science because it glibly parrots one aspect of a situation as the whole. They find the religious view more comforting.

These two threats not only hold us back from knowledge, but divide us internally over illusions.

The Liberal illusion is actually more threatening, since it has wider scope than abortion or evolution denial, both of which are easily circumvented.

Ecosystem Damage Even Causing Financial Crisis

The global economy is losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an EU-commissioned study.

It puts the annual cost of forest loss at between $2 trillion and $5 trillion.

The figure comes from adding the value of the various services that forests perform, such as providing clean water and absorbing carbon dioxide.


Does this surprise anyone?

If the earth were a body, the forests would be the lungs.

But even beyond our financial view of this matter, there's the question of what we're doing as a species.

What kind of species destroys its ecosystem? One that doesn't have a plan, so it has fallen into squabbling about what it has, not what it can create.

No wonder humans are so neurotic, bitchy, greedy, selfish, hipsterish, queeny, and generally irritating.

While You Were Distracted, Your Ecosystem Fell Apart

The real evil in this life is oblivion. Not knowing what you're doing is harmful, you do it, and then blame others or anyone but yourself. That in turn requires more lies. The spiral deepens and soon you're living to lie to keep yourself from seeing what you are. Oblivion is the cause of it all. Oblivion is innocent: I wanna do what I wanna do. I wanna be on the couch and eat pizza, don't wanna look at tomorrow's problems. We all need a little oblivion. Too much oblivion and we're destructive.

The truth is unpopular. The popular will always avoid truth, although the converse is not true (the unpopular isn't always true, for example, pedophilia or Six Feet Under fans).

Because the truth is always unpopular, human societies are ruled by liars and exist in a commensurate degree of corruption, confusion, deception, poverty, neurosis, self-hatred and oblivion until they're dragged out of the popular untruth into the unpopular truth.

But how can oblivion hurt us?

Well -- we've grown as a species. We have nearly seven billion people on earth, and fewer than 1% are likely to do anything impressive; most are simply too dumb, having IQs well below 110.

But they buy products, and they vote, so our politicians encourage them to keep coming and unscrupulous elements in our industries encourage them -- and then the rest of us have to compete to keep up.

Thirty-five percent of the world’s birds, 52 percent of amphibians and 71 percent of warm-water reef-building corals are likely to be particularly susceptible to climate change, the first results of an IUCN study have revealed.

The report identified more than 90 biological traits which are believed to make species most susceptible to climate change. It found that 3,438 of the world’s 9,856 bird species have at least one out of 11 traits that could make them susceptible to climate change.

Science Daily

When they say "particularly susceptible," they're trying to find a simpler term for "will be out of place with a hotter environment." Birds like penguins depend on the cold; they stop being able to breed and to find food, and die out. That kind of thing. Keep in mind that if you heat the male scrotum to just 99 degrees, you kill most of the developed sperm inside. Small temperature changes can be crucial.

And then there's this gem:

“On a global basis today, we have an average annual consumption of 15-16 kilos of fish per person,” says Almås. “If we are going to continue consuming at this rate, we need to double the production of farmed fish within the next 20 years. Doing this in a sustainable manner will be a major challenge.”

Science Daily

How could we have gotten to the point where our food supplies are failing, we're committing ecocide and wrecking everything in site?

The global economic crisis has thrown a political chill over one of the main initiatives under consideration in the United States to combat global warming: the so-called cap-and-trade plan.

Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate, and both presidential candidates, continue to rank tackling global warming as a chief goal next year.

But the focus on stabilizing the economy probably will make it more difficult to pass a law to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. At the very least, it will push back when the reductions would have to start.

As one Republican senator put it, the green bubble has burst.

"Clearly it is somewhere down the totem pole given the economic realities we are facing," said Tom Williams, a spokesman for Duke Energy Corp., an electricity producer that has supported federal mandates on greenhouse gases.


Aha, the truth is unpopular.

While you were distracted by the dog and pony show of our economy, and of these pathetic elections, your species is busy wrecking the planet.

The root of their power? We don't wanna do what we don't wanna do. The truth is unpopular, so pay attention to the popular (that's how you make money, make them wanna buy your products) and ignore the unpopular truth. Into the void falls untruth as a means of making popularity. And the distraction goes on and on...

As planetary ecosystems slowly die. Why aren't you mad about it?

Cro-Mags "The Age of Quarrel"

Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel

Archetypal hardcore punk, the Cro-Mags thrust aside social contrivance to speak a plain truth and tell everyone else to back off, in the process helping develop the techniques and realistic, neo-Machiavellian worldview later adopted by underground bands. "The Age of Quarrel" remains perhaps the most recognizable punk album ever created, and if you listen to American death metal, you can hear its influence clearly.

Review: Cro-MagsThe Age of Quarrel and Best Wishes

This CD is out of print.

Cro-Mags The Age of Quarrel MP3 download

Cro-Mags The Age of Quarrel FLAC download

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Liberalism is the Culprit in Global Warming


What's the problem that causes global warming?

Answer: too many people and not enough untouched land, sea and air for nature to regenerate.

Liberal politicians, themselves members of elites who live in $2m houses and fly private planes, will tell you that you need to change light bulbs, turn off appliances and eat your lawn clippings.

On the other hand, conservation conservatives -- that's lower-case "c" conservative -- will tell you the honest truth: there are too many people, and most of them are in the third world, which has even more devastating environmental consequences than the first world.

Smart young liberal hipster will say: "Oh that's just great. Blame the brown people for what you've done. That's what conservatives always do, make a mess and blame others, preferrably those without money."

This deflection might confuse you for a minute. First of all, he's stopped talking about the problem, and started talking about whether he likes it or not; "should be" replaces "is." Second, he's forgetting that although we all like to help underdogs, we should consider whether those underdogs are (a) innocent and not just lost and (b) whether helping them will fix the problem.

He's also playing into a hatred for people with money, which seems to me to be "sour grapes." If money isn't important to you, why do you care if others have it?

Liberal policies have allowed humanity to expand recklessly and, by their very nature of never telling anyone who can play the part of a victim "NO," will continue this process.

Industry just follows along, providing products to the newly empowered masses.

We'd be better off, environmentally speaking, with conservationists in charge, who would simply deny humanity -- starting by cutting off the welfare state, immigration, and other underdog-pitying policies that increase our population of non-contributing dependents.

If they're brown (Middle East, Africa, Mexico), white (Eastern Europe, Southern Europe) or Asian (Vietnam, Thailand, Amerindian), we shouldn't blink and reconsider -- we should look at what reality has shown us to be true and act accordingly.

And we should never listen to what hipsters -- people who work in un-influential capacities, have few responsibilities and demonstrate few competences -- care about anything.

How Obama and the Left Are Alienating Normal People

It's simple: a "win at all costs mentality" causes them to disbelieve in fair play and act arrogantly, deviously, and most of all, with a paranoid viciousness.

For example, on the internet, you can see punitive measures taken against anyone posting anything anti-Obama, especially if it is true.

All under the guise of "fair play."

The problem with the left is its inherent victim mentality. They like to portray themselves as being oppressed, and everyone else as being part of this great faceless herd that votes Republican. They like to use terms like classist, racist and sexist without acknowledging that someone can be both from a protected minority AND not the person for a job.

They like to insist their opposition is brick-stupid, yet this opposition somehow oppresses them... just by being popular.

The left likes to pretend they are not the popular option, when celebrities, media figures, journalists and many people in America and Europe make them the popular option. They have the numbers.

Why do they still feel oppressed?

Because the people who make things run -- not inherit the positions, not get political appointments, but normal middle-class Americans and Europeans who succeed at what they're doing enough to have positions of power in the infrastructure -- are overwhelmingly conservative. (Notice lower-case c.)

What does that mean? They are closer to being realists. They see life as a question of function, not moral obligation. So if they don't have qualified minority candidates, they hire a white guy. If the people in the trailer park are all drunk, on drugs or stupid, they don't cry over them.

The people who are liberal are people whose role in life does not put them into contact with reality. Actors. Singers. Columnists. Office workers. Suburban housewives. Single men over 35. They are opinion workers; they are the people who make money by pandering to what "most people" seem to want.

This is why liberalism has such a nasty streak to it, and conservatism while defensive appears to be in it for the fight more than the win: conservatives see the win as coming from people of common sense uniting to a purpose.

There's two problems with this -- one, they're outnumbered; two, their own political parties, the Conservatives, seem to have some issues interpreting this correctly. The same underlying mental disease of liberalism can infect any party.

But as a general mission statement and an ethos, who would you rather side with: the "let's do the practical thing even if it's boring" people, or the "win at all costs" paranoid conspiracy types?

Monday, October 13, 2008

List of Scandals That Make Me Distrust Barack Obama

We all know the drill: the most vocal of our people are whining just as hard about George W. Bush as they did about Ronald Reagan (and as many whined about Carter). Our country is hopelessly divided, but people are trying to convince you to vote for the new Change Candidate, who we are assured is going to fix all the wrongs.

Bypassing the question of whether we're sure we were actually wronged, and we're not all just spoiled brats complaining, we have the Republican hype machine telling us stupid things about Obama. They say he's a Muslim, etc., and that just confuses the issue. There's no need to when there's evidence that Obama has been corrupt from the beginning:

  • Fake names on Obama donation list

  • Obama's group commiting voter fraud

  • Obama's group registering non-existent voters

  • Obama's group helps forge voter registrations

  • Obama not giving us details on how his economic plan will work

  • Voter fraud epidemic from Democrats

  • Obama funneled state money to his family

  • Beyond all the hype and the bloviation, these are the reasons you should be wary of Barack Obama. You might not like the other guy; think carefully about whether Obama is the alternative you want. This isn't change. It's politics -- corrupt politics -- and "business as usual."

    Originally posted on Reddit.

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