Saturday, May 21, 2011

International Day of Slayer -- June 6, 2011

Inter-National Day of Slayer -- June 6, 2011.

The Inter-National Day of Slayer is a worldwide holiday for metalheads by metalheads.

Slayer is an emblem of metal: fast, powerful, still alien to the mainstream after 28 years.

If every other religious, ethnic and political group gets their own holiday, we deserve one too.

Who is Slayer

Slayer is a band from California. Their music has come to epitomize Satanic speed metal music in the latter half of the 20th century. Their 1986 album, "Reign in Blood" is one of the single most influential metal albums of all time, typified by the modern classic "Angel of Death".

How to Celebrate

  • Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car.

  • Listen to Slayer at full blast in your home.

  • Listen to Slayer at full blast at your place of employment.

  • Listen to Slayer at full blast in any public place you prefer.

DO NOT use headphones! The objective of this day is for everyone within earshot to understand that it is the National Day of Slayer. National holidays in America aren't just about celebrating; they're about forcing it upon non-participants.

Taking that participation to a problematic level:

  • Stage a "Slay-out." Don't go to work. Listen to Slayer.

  • Have a huge block party that clogs up a street in your neighborhood. Blast Slayer albums all evening. Get police cruisers and helicopters on the scene. Finish with a full-scale riot.

  • Spray paint Slayer logos on churches, synagogues, or cemeteries.

  • Play Slayer covers with your own band (since 99% of your riffs are stolen from Slayer anyway).

  • Kill the neighbor's dog and blame it on Slayer.

Visit the Inter-National Day of Slayer website for more information!

Where to purchase Slayer albums

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Relevant Artists

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- Inter-National Day of Slayer team

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Politically-targeted attack on Arktos Media

As of today:

Arktos' webshop is temporarily offline. The reason is that our server was hacked. The information currently available to us indicates that the hackers have obtained e-mail correspondence and, possibly (this has not been confirmed), customer information. We will provide our customers with further information by e-mail as soon as we have completed our investigation of the incident. Our webshop will be back online when we have identified how the hackers managed to gain entry into our systems and taken appropriate security measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

--The Arktos Team

As I recall, they used fairly standard software like osCommerce. This means an unpublished vulnerability led to an SQL injection attack. Who has that kind of resources? Organized groups and nations, usually, since when exploits make it into the wild they get patched. This is a tragedy and I am sorry for the Arktos team who has to suffer this mess.