Saturday, March 09, 2013

Equal opportunity...not thinking that anymore

For some reason, this post was deleted:

In advance I am sorry but I just had to vent this.

I work for a VERY large IT company, in the top 5 in the world, bigger than Microsoft. I wont name them though.

This company is famous for its Equality between genders, its one of the reasons I enjoy working there. All people in the same job get the same money pretty much, good until I learnt about how woman actually earn more but thats another thing.

I feel very proud of the company I work for, the day I got Hired was up there as one of the happiest moments of my life not exaggerating. I wanted to work for them for many years before given the opportunity.

So time for the epic rant.... There is a new project about to start up. It is a huge project, would easily cost 100 Million Dollars and run over a 4 year time frame. This project is crucial. The potential earnings to the company if it succeeds will be revolutionary in IT Solutions for many large retail businesses around the world. I have been informed that the applicants were dwindled down to 5 of the many applicants. 3 experienced Project managers (male), one of whom has been the Project manager of at least 8 Highly successful Projects that I am aware of. We are not talking about making iTunes or something like that. These were staggering projects that were underfunded for the most part, and also had unrealistic time constraints. The other two were very fresh University Graduates with no Project experience let alone managing a project.

The person who got the job, was one of the fresh University Graduates without any experience....why? Because she was Female. The Hiring manager apparently needed to Diversify up the Project Managers (already about 1/3 are female) because there isn't enough gender equality. So the best person for the job didn't get it because of his dick. As a result the project is likely to fail, on top of that one of the other managers (known to me) when hearing about this said they hired the wrong person and that affirmative action is going to cost the company millions, is now having to go to meetings about his "inappropriate attitude".

This actually makes me sick. Because I know that I am going to suffer as a result of this shitty decision, the company I work for is going to definitely suffer as a result of losing such a valuable potential asset. Because in an industry where there is a greater number of males than females, because there are few women studying IT, it is unimaginable having few females than males across all sections.

Equal Opportunity workplace....not thinking that anymore. - A Voice For Men forums
So many modern things are "not as advertised" and in fact are the opposite. But I have to wonder: what made someone think that anything named "equal opportunity" is actually that? If the opportunity isn't equal by nature, that means human intervention. Human intervention always occurs for the party perceived to be weaker, not stronger. Thus while you hear "equal" and think "I get the same shot as everyone else," the truth is that "favored groups" get discriminated against in order to create that "opportunity" for others.

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The roots of America's immigration problem

A frequent refrain among immigration enthusiasts is "But we've always been a land of immigrants, and we used to discriminate against the Irish, but now they're normal and mainstream! Thus immigration works!"

Except that, if you look at the history of the USA, Irish immigration has been an unbridled downfall:

By the 21st century, an estimated 80 million people worldwide claimed some Irish descent; among them are 50 million Americans who claim "Irish" as their primary ethnicity. - Wiki

The history of the Irish in the USA has been one of supporting maniacal religious movements, liberal politics, local corruption and the growth of huge cities. In short, they imported the same failings that made Ireland an impoverished rock with dead potato plants on it, and brought them into American life.

Whoever decided this was a good idea probably did it for the same reason we're importing hordes of Mexicans, Vietnamese, Guatemalans, etc.: cheap labor and even cheaper voters. Expect each group to re-create what it had at home, with the same disadvantages.

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Friday, March 08, 2013

We're not all genetically the same

Small differences make big consequences. That's the rule for DNA, where much as in computer code, tiny variations can radically change how huge chunks of the information apply.

Despite that our oversocialized media tells us that we're all genetically the same, or essentially the same, and thus that we shouldn't be disturbed at interbreeding or poor breeding. We're all equal, see.

But in humans, a difference of 1 in 1,000 (0.10%) amounts to approximately 3 million nucleotide differences, because the human genome has about 3 billion nucleotides. That's a huge amount of data in difference.

We also share 50% of our DNA with the lowly banana.

In addition, our DNA reveals our origins in fish and how we develop like them in the womb, thus even tiny (1 bit) variations in DNA can cause things to fail to happen, and the baby to develop incomplete.

Guess the story's more complex than mainstream media will tell us.

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Diversity can't be done

"Diversity -- of any form: ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic -- doesn't work and only serves to make people more alienated by eliminating the ability to have a shared culture, history, identity and values system."

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

The fix to Reddit that Reddit fears

Reddit is nearly an ideal design for an online community. You can post a link, and the site automatically creates a discussion area for it. It allows you to group your links by topic in "subreddits." Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to vote up/down on links, (in theory) pushing the best to the top.

Of course, if you're here, you're probably conservative or otherwise a realist. Most people abuse power, especially if given a petty power that they think they can get away with. In fact, the smaller the power, the more likely it is that they perceive they have impunity, and thus abuse it.

(There are only a few people who can wield power with any honesty, and those are aristocrats or kings. They didn't participate in the madness of the last century and tried to resist it, which usually got them killed. Average people, on the other hand, supported it.)

On Reddit, down-votes are abused because people are petty. If some idea threatens them, they will mash the down-vote and try to hide it, as if reality changed because the message is invisible! And since Reddit is on the internet, and the internet is now the daytime TV audience from past generations, the bias shifts toward denial of any or all problems and toward any greeting-card styled "heartwarming," quirky, uplifting, kumbaya, etc. material.

There is a solution: limit the number of down-votes.

This however terrifies Reddit's admins and its Redditors. The dark secret of humanity is that many of us bond more on what we hate than what we love, and Reddit is dominated by petty hatred.

If you don't believe me, go to Reddit and post a message suggesting that down-votes could be limited per day, or per person, or both. You will find a very hostile response. Ask yourself: why?

What are they afraid of?

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Varg Vikernes on Jewish people

We for sure saw this happen with the Black Metal sub-culture, which started as a nationalistic (Norwegian-centric), racist and anti-Christian revolt and ended up as just another perverse, twisted Jew-cult, embracing everything sick and anti-European on this planet, from porn and promiscuity to drugs and homosexuality. It began as an absolute revolt and ended up as absolute tastelessness. The Jew-dominated music industry took the most perverse bands and promoted them heavily, to ensure that it would not turn into anything healthy and positive. - "How to revolt in practice II"

I can't agree that the origin of the enemy here is Jews; clearly the enemy is liberalism brought on by overpopulation of European proles. It makes no sense to blame Jewish people for what is obviously a European malfunction that took to the air in France in 1789. Until we identify the right problem, it will rule us. I would also substitute "promiscuity" for homosexuality, or perhaps use both. For "racist," I would substitute "nationalist," because a nationalist preserves his/her tribe while "racists" tend to be race-obsessives.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what's broken here.

Further I think he should stop calling Eurasians "European." I do not dislike Asians, but if we hybridize with them, we will no longer be us.

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"My experience, problems with H1B "

From Reddit -- such things tend to get deleted:

I've a long time engineer, mainly working in silicon valley. This is my observations:
1) As I understand it, the need for H1B is needed to fill jobs for which there are no US citizens and that this, inadvertently, corresponds to truly top notch people (on the theory, of course, that it’s easier to find less skilled labor). However, in my experience, only about 20% (subjectively) of the H1B engineers are particularly good and most of them are mediocre (i.e. overall no better than typical US born engineers in my estimation in particular in the software field). In short, I'm all for hiring the awesome but most simply aren't that good. (That’s true of US citizens too but they aren't the question.)
Furthermore, that doesn't even take communication skills into account and that’s a big deal. From personal experience, a significant, but minority, fraction of Indians have accents so thick that they are incomprehensible and likewise or worse for the Chinese with many Chinese also having the additional problem with unintelligible writing (though to be fair a significant fraction of American engineers can’t write themselves out of a paper bag...not that there's a Pulitzer in my future). If I have to spend 20 minutes deciphering a sentence in an email or I can't understand what a speaker is saying in a meeting, not uncommon, that's bad.
2) As I understand it, to hire these people companies are required to try and hire American citizens first but I've never heard, or heard of, a hiring manager who gave that a second thought as they know it simply is never an issue (i.e. any supposed “you must not be able to find an American first” laws are apparently easily skirted.).
3) I've worked for a Silicon Valley company that out of the 100-ish people I knew, from the CTO, VP of my engineering org, and his entire org,, only 3 or so were American born (not the CTO or VP either).
4) Contrary to its stated purpose, from what I've seen, the H1B program is mainly used to hire cheaper labor (i.e. lowering salaries). In fact the CTO, of 3) above, stated something like "got forbid he had to hire US citizens" on a purely economic basis. Note that in the end you would think the simply law of supply and demand implies that the H1B would force labor prices down.
5) We seem to have less and less American born engineers in particularly at the grad level. I audited a grad level class recently and only a couple of people, out of about 20, were US citizens. As I understand it, we don't fund our K-12 education (like Norway for instance) which makes this much more likely and then our college is becoming too expensive to boot. This does not bode well. It seems to me that if it wasn't for H1B we would be forced to address this issue but because we can get H1B people cheaper the gov't doesn't have to care (and the companies love the cheap labor and let’s face it, the US is a corrupt corporate/gov’t bribocracy)
6) It seems like it’s all some kind of Ponzi scheme in that given 5) above, we hire H1Bs but then they have children who have the same crappy and expensive education issues who then, as adults, deal with the same H1B competition while the companies laugh all the way to the bank (and as the economic data shows the corporate profits are not trickling down)
7) It seems to me that gov’ts are by definition supposed to be run for the benefit of the people and that they have a fiduciary responsibility to do so. Note that this isn't synonymous GDP or corporate profits. After all, right now corporate profits are at an all time high and yet living standards, by any number of metrics, are getting worse for the vast majority of Americans. So, the question then is whether the H1B program is in fact benefiting the U.S. citizens or just the companies and perhaps H1B visa holders?
I could certainly imagine, say in this countries industrial expansionary period decades ago, that importing labor was a great idea simply because 1) There really wasn't enough labor and 2) The benefit to the economy yielded more jobs for the current US citizens (in the median or such). However, it’s not clear to me whether that’s the case now and how one would quantify that (again GDP and corporate profits clearly aren't the proper measure).
I've heard the claims that many start ups are by people who are/were H1B but does that truly create net benefit to the existing US Citizens (or typical US Citizen) or is it just providing more corporate profits for the top fraction of 1% and a new wave of H1B people?
8) Finally, the northern European countries seem to do well without essentially disregarding educating their citizens in favor of hiring cheaper labor. After all, there are several billion people on the planet and most of them are much poorer than Americans and so if it’s just about cheap labor the logical conclusion would be to completely disregard the US citizens and just hire all the foreign poor well educated poor.

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